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    Rangi and Papa Canvas Print - By Turumakina Duleys

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    Ranginui and Papatuuaanuku – the primal parents. 
    By Turumakina

    Pictured at the time before their separation, saying their farewells. I chose to do this piece as a reminder to our brothers and sisters in the gangs, that the colours that divide them are the colours of our primal parents. Woman being created from the red clay at Kurawaka infused with the Mauri of Sky Father, represented by blue. I hope this piece would be seen as a call to kotahitanga/unity. May we strive to let go of divide and conquer amongst our people.

    “E kore au ee engaro, He kaakano ahau i ruia mai i Rangiaatea!!”
    We will never be lost, we are the seeds that were sown amongst the stars.