Kukri Style Moko Machete - Revolution Aotearoa
Kukri Style Moko Machete - Revolution Aotearoa
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    Kukri Style Moko Machete

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    Kukri Style Moko Machete

    • 3.5mm thick stainless steel blade
    • Full tang blade
    • Solid riveted wood handle
    • Nylon Sheath.

    An essential tool for any outdoor enthusiast, perfect for clearing brush, chopping tree branches etc.

    The heavy gauge 3.5mm thick, 15.5" stainless steel blade features an etched moko inspired design by artist Wiremu Barriball on both sides making it functional and cool!

    This full tang machete with its solid riveted wood handle will be a great addition in the tool shed or to just hang up in the man cave!

    It also comes with its own nylon sheath that makes it safe to carry and perfect for storing away when not in use.

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