Looking for a fun, ultra warm way to unite your club, group, sports team, or whanau with a distinctive symbol of  whanaungatanga?

Check this out! We are offering a distinctive opportunity to showcase your team's identity with our Ahuru Hoodies in your club colours!

Our Ahuru blanket hoodies are not only comfortable and cozy but can also act as a powerful representation of your group identity. With your team club colours and logos, tastefully incorporated, our Ahuru Hoodies in your colours will become a source of pride and a mark of unity.

Showcasing your team club colours on our Ahuru hoodies is a fun unique way to enhance team spirit, boost morale, and strengthen the bond among your members, players and supporters!

Taking advantage of this offer automatically qualifies you to become a wholesale customer with the ability to buy from us at wholesale rates which could open up great fundraising opportunities for your group.

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See what people are saying!


"Absolutely LOVE these!! Super comfy and warm on those chilly days & stay that way after every wash. Had an Oodie before this and it’s nowhere near as comfy as this!" Aimee S.


"On rainy cold days I can’t wait to get home shower and jump straight into my Ahuru hoodie I love it" Suzan P.

"Absolutely beautiful in colour, in feel, in design.. So many people stop & ask where I purchased my Ahuru blanket Hoodie & I redirect them to Revolution Aotearoa Facebook or Instagram page :)"

"Mīharo! Absolutely love it! It's warm, staying quality, sooo roomy and sooo comfortable. And the design is just breathtakingly beautiful. I'm living in it this winter!

Highly recommend to everyone to get one of these!" Melanie B.