Mataaora Canvas Art Print - By Turumakina Duleys - Revolution Aotearoa

Mataaora Canvas Art Print - By Turumakina Duleys

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    Mataora is the famous ancestor who journeyed to the underworld to retrieve his wife Niwareka from that realm. While he was there he learned the art form of Moko from Niwareka’s father Uetonga, and brought the gift of Moko back to the realm of men, back to Aotearoa. This form of tattooed face is now called Kanohi Mataora, the Mataora style’s facial moko.Hinemoana, is Tangaroa’s female counterpart or his wife. In other words, the female element of the ocean. You can see Hinemoana when waters are calm and seductive. According to legend, she is a very beautiful goddess and one who’s waters are able to purify even our spirit. the human and all of creation.

    Product Specs:

• Synthetic canvas stretched over a 40mm natural timber frame. 
    • Ready to hang

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