Maui Canvas Art Print - By Turumakina Duleys - Revolution Aotearoa

Maui Canvas Art Print - By Turumakina Duleys

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    Maui-tikitiki-a-taranga, is probably Maoridom’s most famous ancestor. Depicted here with the rope around the sun, signifying his achievement of slowing down the movement of the sun to give us longer days. He carries his grandmother’s jawbone around his neck, signifying the body of knowledge that was transferred from her to him. He holds Mahuika’s fingernail, in commemoration of his journey to retrieve fire from the goddess. He wears his mother’s heru in his head to signify that at birth she considered him to be stillborn, and therefore cut off all her hair and wrapped Maui in it and set him adrift in the ocean. The dog is a depiction of Hoaki who was Maui’s brother-in-law, who according to tradition turned him into a dog after a quarrel. The other two figures are his parents.

    Product Specs:

• Synthetic canvas stretched over a 40mm natural timber frame. 
    • Ready to hang

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