The $1 bread days


We lived in a 3 bedroom house in Cannons Creek Porirua with our new son Rimu. His bed was a single seater sofa jammed up in the corner next to our bed. The house was cold in winter… I remember it being warmer outside than it was in.

Wiremu was studying music and I was at home with Rimu. I don’t remember how we paid the rent but that was the thing we always paid first. I do remember being a size 8 and hungry haha.

We would sit at our wobbly kitchen table and chat while Wiremu drew - pencil and cartridge paper were the tools of the time. I thought his work was really fine and beautiful. 

I guess these sessions were a little escape and they kept us warm (thanks also to the open oven) and as his collection grew so did the ideas of what to do with them.


PAPATUANUKU - Origin - Hereford Street Porirua 1998


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Hi Geneva, just ordered a print for Alby’s rescheduled fund raiser and then started reading your blogs. You have a fine style and should continue your writing, it is gripping, gritty and extremely funny. Have you written these all in the last few months? Great to see you last month even if I was intoxicated. Hope to see you all soon. C

charlie & sian

your blog is such a cool idea Geneva, great reading, book in the making perhaps, with illustrations
Aaaamm did Karma pass way. Are you allowed to ask questions in blogs? lol


Shoes apparel….archie went home with two left feet….hahaha,funny

Gayle stephens

Memory lane trip! Had a good, hearty laugh at the open oven part. Thankful for heat pumps now 😂

Dre Hopkinson

Love it Geneva! I want more more more!!

Ange Kalogeropoulos

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