Collection: Legacy Collection

Tucked away from the spotlight of our mainline offerings lies our Legacy Collection

Much of what we offer is produced in-house. As we engage in prototyping and sampling, we accumulate a considerable collection along the way.

We've chosen to introduce some of these items in a special "Legacy Collection," which we'll add to occasionally.

Within this collection, you'll discover initial prototypes, distinctive samples and final pieces that showcase fleeting moments of the imagination, colour concepts that never saw full production, items that are inconsistent with our mainline products or that don't quite meet our quality standard and exclusive 'designer cuts' distinct from our regular catalogue range, giving them a unique allure and rare quality.

Within these items, you'll uncover the heart and soul of our brand, bridging our storied past with our ambitious future. Welcome to the Legacy Collection, where every piece is a reflection of the art behind the scenes.

For those who appreciate exclusivity and character, this collection might just have something for you :)