Flashbacks - Revolution Aotearoa


We're still in clean-up mode! Today I came across some old material that I hadn't seen for yonks. Some are actual jobs like publications and illustrations that we were contracted to do, and others are just ideas and doodles, some going back as far as 1992. A lot of little memory flashes come back when I look at these.

They're reminders of our journey as a company and the twists and turns, ups and downs involved in the process. I think back to how initially, our business idea was to open a Moko studio; this was around 98'-99'.

Things took another direction after I attended a computer graphic design course in 2000. It was a game-changer for me; I wasn't aware of art software programs, photoshop, vector programs etc. Before attending this course, I was computer illiterate; the most artistic thing I had done on a computer was printing an A4 piece of paper that said "wet paint"! And that took me ages to figure it out. When I finally figured it out, I ran around the house like I'd won lotto! lol!

I was still keen as to pursue Moko, but now with this new knowledge, other ideas started to come to mind. Maybe we'll share some more mahi from back in the day!

If you're a business starting out or looking at starting a business, let us know if there's anything you like us to kōrero on. We don't know it all, and we're not business experts, but we can share our journey for what it's worth.


~ W

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