The cheque book flex

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There were a few long cold nights back in the day so we accumulated quite a collection of pencil drawings. I enjoyed watching the process, and would often leave the table to tend to Rimu or just to have a change of scenery. When I’d return Wiremu would still be in the same spot working that pencil like a mofo. Honestly it was fascinating to watch - not only the artwork that unfolded but also the focus of the man. 

Weekends were spent walking a good 30-40 minutes down to the City Centre to bounce a cheque to buy kai and nappies. I had a cheque book (google that kids), thank f*@! for that! I’d discovered that I could write a cheque on Saturday and had until Tuesday to get that money in the bank, then repeat.

Little did I know, these times were becoming a grounding factor in the valuation process of our artworks and future mahi.

A good thing because one of our first major clients was just around the corner. 

TE WEHENGA: Origin - Hereford Street Porirua 1998


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  • Awesome G… what a cool journey aye ? Looking from this end anyway ;*D

    LeiLani Waitai on
  • A cheque book!! The good ol’ days haha. Can’t wait for the next blog xoxo

    Dre Hopkinson on
  • You were so clever balancing things out to this day as well….is it that many years ago when i was gifted te wehenga…22 years

    Gayle Pomana on

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