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Basketball singlet - Lion of Judah RGG

Basketball singlet - Lion of Judah RGG

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Designed and made in Aotearoa.

This item is an exclusive, made to order product featuring original artwork...a wearable piece of art!

Dri Cool Fabric

Functional breathable polyester.
• Lightweight
• Easy Care
• Sportswear comfort
• UV Protection SPF50+

Please choose your size carefully as we cannot give refunds due to wrong size choice.

Lion of Judah
Wiremu Barriball

"This work is a fusion of my two great passions ie, Art and Music, in particular, Moko and Reggae music.

It features an abstract depiction of the Lion of Judah, which is iconic with the Rasta movement and often used symbolically and metaphorically in the reggae music scene.

The Lion's face adorned with a stylised Mataaora facial tattoo that is synonymous with Ta Moko and the epitome of prestige, achievement, and identity. At the bottom of the piece is an adaptation of the cover design of Bob Marley's 'Uprising' album which was on high rotation as a kid growing up and which played and important role in cementing my love for the genre.

For decades Maori have had a strong affinity for Bob Marley and his music. It could be said that the messages in his music and the topics he sings about resonate with our people and has similarities to the social and political issues that we also face and experience. So, in a way, this piece also pays homage to Bob and the lasting impression he has left on many of us as a people."

- Wiremu Barriball


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