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Mahi a Atua

Hinemātikotai and Hineteiwaiwa - Paper Print

Hinemātikotai and Hineteiwaiwa - Paper Print

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These were two sisters who played a major role in Hau-te-ana-nui, the house of Tangaroa.

Hine-te-Iwaiwa was the ancestor of all female affairs including childbirth, entertainment and all weavings. She is connected with the moon and some iwi refer to her as HINA-te-iwaiwa, as in HINA-MARAMA. In the evenings Hine-Te-Iwaiwa would entertain the Tini-o-Ponaturi sea children of Tangaroa with lullaby and thus lay them to sleep.

Hine-Mātikotai, the blind sister, was the guardian of the tupehau ki Hau-te-ana-nui (the verandah of Hau-te-ana-nui). She called to Te Tini-o-Ponaturi, telling them of the rising sun, thus awakening them from their sleep. As her sister is connected with the moon, Hine-Mātikotai is connected with the sun. She is also associated with the female art of karanga.

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