Moko Picks - Revolution Aotearoa
Moko Picks - Revolution Aotearoa
Moko Picks - Revolution Aotearoa
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Moko Picks

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    "Moko Piiki"

    Cool and practical in more ways than one!

    Each set contains 5 picks each adorned with original Māori artwork by established Moko artist Wiremu Barriball.

    They come in different thicknesses suitable for playing a range of styles from the chill and laid back, rootsy feels to the full-on headbanging, face-melting stuff of guitar gods!

    Don't play guitar? sweeeet!
    Some peeps have bought them just for the sake of having them. We've captured every element of the original artwork, right down to the most intricate detail, so we don't blame them! Some have even turned theirs into jewellery, so they're appealing and useful in more ways than one!
    So use 'em or add them to your "cool-stuff" collection!

    • Premium grade acetal polymer
    • Matte finish to help prevent slippage
    • Highly resistant to wear
    • Mixed gauge: 0.65mm, 0.80mm, 1.00mm

    *Individual picks not sold separately