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Moko Picks

Moko Picks

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Cool and practical!

Each set includes five picks, each one decorated with original Māori artwork created by renowned Moko artist Wiremu Barriball. The picks come in different thicknesses suitable for playing a wide range of styles, from laid-back and mellow to high-energy and intense guitar riffs.

Even if you don't play the guitar, these picks are still worth having. The artwork is incredibly detailed and eye-catching, making them a popular collector's item. Some people have even turned them into jewellery! So whether you use them to play or simply display them, they are both functional and cool.

  • Made from high-quality acetal polymer, ensuring durability and longevity.

  • Feature a matte finish to prevent slipping while playing, providing added grip and control.

  • Highly resistant to wear and tear, making them ideal for extended use.

  • Includes mixed gauge picks with thicknesses of 0.65mm, 0.80mm, and 1.00mm, providing versatility for playing a wide range of styles.

 Please note that individual picks are not available for purchase separately.

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