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Revolution Aotearoa

Maori Patu - Kowhaiwhai Unaunahi - Carved Native NZ Rimu - 360mm

Maori Patu - Kowhaiwhai Unaunahi - Carved Native NZ Rimu - 360mm

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A full-scale contemporary approach of a traditional Maori Patu, which is a type of short club hand-to-hand weapon used in combat by the indigenous Maori people of Aotearoa, New Zealand 

The engraved puhoro-style kowhaiwhai design on one side of this Maori Patu adds a unique contemporary touch to the piece. The other side is left bare, which enables the natural beauty of the native timber to be appreciated.

The Patu was an important cultural symbol for the Maori and was used both in battles and in ceremonial displays of strength and skill.

Today, the Patu continues to be valued and honoured and is often used in ceremonial events and gifted during special occasions such as graduations, birthdays, and awards ceremonies, embodying the timeless traditions of Maori.

360mm Length

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