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Revolution Aotearoa

Rehua - Layer Wall Sculpture

Rehua - Layer Wall Sculpture

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Rehua -  6-Layer Wall Sculpture

Size: 250mm

Material: Ply Wood Layers

Artist: Wiremu Barriball

Inspired by the star god Rehua.

According to some iwi, 'Rehua' lives in the tenth heaven, in the highest reaches of heaven where not even death can touch him. His healing abilities are powerful and everlasting because he lives in the purest of skies above earth's reach.

Rehua is the star of light and healing. He has the ability to cure blindness, bring back the deceased, and heal disease.

This sculpture, crafted with fine detailing reflects Rehua's prominent role in te ao Māori. Rehua will surely captivate all who see him.

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