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Mahi a Atua

Rehua - Paper Print

Rehua - Paper Print

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When Tāne ascended the open heavens, Tumatauenga and Rongomaraeroa remained with their mother, Papatūānuku. In their jealousy of Tāne being chosen to ascend the heavens, they together devised a plan to kill some of the descendants of Tāne. They killed some of the children of Tiki-kapakapa, the Seagull and offered this as food for Rehua in order to win his favour.

Rehua was unaware of what the offering was that he was eating. They then killed some of the children of Tiki-to-hua, the Berry Carrier, to offer this as food for Rehua. But Rehua did not find the taste agreeable, nor the rationale of their actions.

Tu and Rongo then changed their focus to supporting Tāne and decided to ascend to the heavens to wage war upon the supporters of Whiro.

They fought many battles on the journey to Taumata.

While fighting Tu was mortally wounded. As he lay dying, Rongo said, “I will revive you my brother,”

Even though the enemy kept charging upon them, more so, upon Tu, Rongo kept reviving Tu as well as fighting off those warriors.

That battle was called Te Uru-rangi where many warriors died at the hands of Rongo. Some of them were Puku-nui, Puku-roa, Puku-i-ahua, Puku-i-kakiia, Pito-rei.

This is a story relating to some of the ailments and sicknesses that afflict us and are known to kill mankind, and how Rongo is called upon in his capacity as the god of well being and health to revive us back to good health

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