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Revolution Aotearoa

Rona Canvas Print

Rona Canvas Print

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In Maori folklore, the captivating legend of Rona tells the tale of a woman whose encounter with the moon shaped her destiny. Rona, known for her beauty and strength, found herself fetching water under the moon's watchful gaze. One night, frustrated by the moon's absence of light, she voiced her discontent and cursed the celestial luminary. Enraged by her insult, the moon descended to Earth, seized Rona, and carried her into the night sky, where she remains forever entwined.

Transformed into a radiant presence among the stars, Rona serves as a luminous reminder of the consequences of challenging celestial powers. Her fate mirrors the eternal bond between mortals and the heavens above. Through the ages, her story has captivated hearts and ignited a sense of wonder, as Rona's incandescent figure illuminates the night sky, perpetuating the enduring connection between humanity and the celestial realm.

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