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Mahi a Atua

Taane's Ascension - Paper Print

Taane's Ascension - Paper Print

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Tane te wānanga - the whakapapa of knowledge is held in this journey. It represents you as a learner. What is the overarching purpose? What are the things that act as barriers, what supports you? Io wanted human beings to come into existence to ensure the world that they created would be cared for. All of the siblings attempted to create te ira-tangata from which many beings came about in this world however those beings were extensions of the atua themselves and part of the natural environment. Tane-mahuta, atua of the forest realm and all its many creatures coupled with many existing beings like Ruru-tangi-akau and thus created the Akeake and Akerautangi trees, although some say it was from a relationship to Puwhakahara that Ake-rautangi came. Tane coupled with with Pakoti and Huna and begat varying species of flax. With Haere-awa and begat the Takahe and Pukeko birds. Try as Tane might, no humans were created.

Tangaroa begat fish and amphibians, Haumietiketike begat ongaonga and kouka, Te Ihorangi begat ice and snow, and the other atua were the same. Many attempts that created many beings but not the ira-tangata.

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