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Taranaki Maunga Canvas Print

Taranaki Maunga Canvas Print

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The awe-inspiring Taranaki Maunga, holds profound cultural significance to the people of Taranaki. Its majestic peak is adorned with three elegant, serene white feathers, symbolizing the transcendent value of peace. Such an iconic landmark that serves as a unifying cornerstone for Taranaki iwi.

In te ao Māori, the tale of Mount Taranaki, Pihanga, and Tongariro unfolds. Mount Pihanga's beauty captured the hearts of all the mountain gods. Taranaki, driven by desire, made advances towards Pihanga, leading to a fierce battle with Tongariro. Defeated and consumed by sorrow, Taranaki departed, carving a deep trench as he journeyed toward the sea. He now rests trapped by the Pouakai Ranges. From Tongariro's side, the Whanganui River emerged, flowing through the scar left by Taranaki's journey. Māori caution living between the mountains, anticipating a future clash between Taranaki and Tongariro.

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