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Revolution Aotearoa

Toki - Black Maire

Toki - Black Maire

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Native Black Maire Toki

Size: 73mm L
Adjustable plaited wax cord

The Toki represents courage and strength, two traits necessary for navigating life.

For aeons, Māori have long relied on the Toki, a traditional adze tool, usually fashioned from stone such as onewa or pounamu.

Beyond its practical use, the Toki symbolised MANA, power, authority, and good character, with profound cultural and spiritual significance.

This contemporary piece, made from Black Maire timber, combines tradition and modernity to create something unique. Featuring an intricate puhoro design by Ta Moko artist Wiremu Barriball, this piece pays homage to the enduring symbol of strength and skill.

The origin of  Puhoro design comes from the wake the waka (canoe) leaves behind as it travels over the water. Hence, a representation of speed and agility.

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