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Revolution Aotearoa

Toki Pae - Onewa - Mangotau

Toki Pae - Onewa - Mangotau

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Hei Toki "Mangotau"
Material: Onewa
Size: 155 x 50mm

This piece symbolises the qualities of strength, courage, and fearlessness, while maintaining a calm and humble essence. It seeks to convey the idea that true strength doesn't always manifest as aggression or forcefulness; rather, it can shine through in the quiet confidence and resilience of a humble heart. This piece reflects on the power of inner fortitude and the bravery that comes from within, reminding us that even in the face of challenges, we can stand tall with grace and humility, showing that the most enduring strength is found in our ability to face adversity with a fearless and compassionate spirit.


WB Toi Collection represents a fusion of artistic talents, a collaborative effort between Wiremu Barriball and Whare Bidois, two dedicated Māori artists who have committed years to refining and advancing their respective crafts.

Their shared passion for Māori art encompasses a diverse range of skills, spanning Ta Moko, Pounamu/Bone Carving, Graphic Design, Illustration, and more. Together, they embark on a unified journey, driven by a common vision: to explore innovative avenues for the creation and evolution of Māori art. Their goal is to ensure that Māori art remains relevant and adaptable to the ever-evolving landscape of techniques and technologies, not just in the present but for generations to come. They aspire to secure a lasting presence amidst the rapid changes of our dynamic world.

At the heart of their artistic vision lies the seamless integration of modern techniques and cutting-edge technology with the timeless principles and aesthetics of traditional Māori design. This harmonious blend results in the creation of distinctive contemporary artworks that radiate an unparalleled authenticity.

For their inaugural release, they have chosen Onewa as their medium. While perhaps lesser-known to some, Onewa possesses a profound significance within te Ao Māori as a traditional resource. This choice goes beyond mere tradition; it serves as a bridge between the ancient roots of Māori culture and the allure of the modern era. Onewa encapsulates the essence of Māori heritage while offering a contemporary appeal that captivates both past and present.

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