Tui Kowhai White - Revolution Aotearoa
Tui Kowhai White - Revolution Aotearoa

Tui Kowhai White

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    Moko Tui 
    Wiremu Barriball ©
    Created during NZ COVID-19 lockdown level 4, March, 2020.

    Te Kōkō or what is known more commonly nowadays as 'Tūi' is at first glance mostly black with little white throat tufts, however, in good light, they reveal a stunning sheen of iridescent blues and greens.

    Gifted to Tane by the sacred deity 'Rehua', who adorned the neck of Tui with a star to give it vocal abilities to tell mankind of its heavenly origins.

    As with all birds in Te Ao Maori, Tui are powerful beings that act as messengers on a spiritual level.


    • Printed on 110gsm Canvas
    • Gallery wrapped around a natural timber frame
    • Ready to hang


    As all monitors have different settings, colour matching of your canvas to what you see on your screen may differ slightly.

    Do not expose to direct sunlight or moisture. To clean, a light vacuum with a brush attachment is suggested.

    If proper care is taken, canvases can last for 70 years+